The sustainable way: voices of action

Sustainability is not an easy path, taken by more and more people and companies that understand the value of respect and sincerity, and of transparency.

Young people are more sensitive to this theme because they know that the future depends on their actions today: that’s why they are asking and working to transform the way we produce and consume energy.

Companies, governments and institutions are also considering the circular economy as an opportunity to be sustainable. This solution, chosen by Bracco Imaging, brings environmental, economic and social benefits that create hope for the future, as we can see in its SUSTAINABILITY REPORT.


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Fulvio Renoldi Bracco, CEO of Bracco Imaging. Member of the Presidential Committee of Federchimica.

Carlo Ratti, architect, urban planner, theorist and academic. Professor at MIT in Boston, founder of Senseable City Laboratory where conducts research in the field of technology integrated into urban planning.

Giulia Grancini, professor of Physical Chemistry-ERC St Grant Principal Investigator, director of PVsquared2 group. Passionate about the environment and sustainability.

Daniele Guadagnolo, European Climate Pact Ambassador in Italy, economist passionate about green marketing and sustainability with international experience.

Gianvito Vilè, researcher in Chemical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, working on integrating sustainability and green chemistry aspects into chemical processes and plants.


Chiara Davanzo, Brand and Communications Director at Storeis, lecturer of Communication for Sustainability at Il Sole 24 Ore Business School and co-founded ZEST Sustainable Ideas.