Microbubble in medicine to transform diagnosis and therapy

Microbubbles are useful in a variety of ways far beyond the imaging field. This is a technology that has been constantly improving: it has been injected in more than 100 million patients and it’s today currently used in the main countries around the world.

But what are these applications? What are bubbles used for today?

It’s interesting to learn how gas Microbubbles can be very helpful in the therapeutic and medical field. As an example, by using its buoyancy properties to extract cells from a blood sample, experts are able to diagnose some diseases. Lethal tumors, brain metastases, breast cancer, melanoma, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease. These are just some of the areas where this technology holds the most potential!


Microbubbles, therapy, imaging, mri


Emily White, Managing Director of the Focused Ultrasound Foundation

Victor Jeannot, R&D Program Manager at Bracco


Thierry Bettinger, ultrasound R&D Director of Bracco in Switzerland